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Keeping your whereabouts secure

Using our VPN client will not also provide heavy security, but will also hide your IP address and location, allowing you to surf the web without any fear of being tracked or monitored by any third parties, that way your data stays private.

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Out and about? No problem!

Our VPN service doesn’t stop if you’re on the go or decide to take a vacation. You’ll still have complete access to the full security and protection that you have at home, along with access to all your favorite services.

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You will always be on.

We’ve got fast servers in 16 countries, and all of them can be connected to by our VPN. No matter where you are or what service you are trying to access, the connection is always private, secure, and your IP address and personal information is always kept safe.

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Our plans are highly customizable to support every need


The best Double Encryption on the market

ElevateVPN always uses double encryption, making it even tougher for hackers and spammers to access your systems.

Ultra-fast server speed

You can be guaranteed that our servers work at the fastest speed available, to keep streaming as smooth as butter.

Setting up the plan is ridiculously easy

Add this security to all your devices with no problem.

There is no logging here!

Your data is never logged by us and we work constantly to keep your information secure from third parties.

Logging you off of danger

If your VPN is interrupted in any way, it instantly shuts down your internet connection until the danger has passed, keeping you safe no matter where you are.

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